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Some insurance companies, and even some lawyers, are notorious for making low-ball offers and charging ridiculously high fees, taking advantage of those already in a tough situation. No one wants to feel cheated after their case settles. With our award-winning attorneys below the 33 percent or higher standard rate, over 20 years of experience, full resources to litigate if necessary, and unwavering commitment to fight for our clients until the end, you won’t have to worry about being low-balled or cheated. At Atlanta Wreck Help, our clients are our priority.

Vehicle Damage Help Personal Injury


With the attorneys at Atlanta Wreck Help, you will never have to deal with the headaches related to property damage. At no extra charge, our attorneys will stand by your side and help with any property damage that has occurred to your vehicle. The attorneys at Atlanta Wreck Help will ensure the insurance company repairs your vehicle or pays it off if it must be totaled. Our attorneys are here for you after your Atlanta car accident. Don’t worry, don’t stress, just call us and we’ll handle any mess.


After a jarring auto accident, your first concern should always be you and your health. If your vehicle sustained any damage, don’t stress about it. We can help. While you are focusing on healing and getting better after your accident, we will handle the insurance companies and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your vehicle, whether it needs repairs or must be totaled. If we can’t achieve a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company, we are fully prepared to go all the way to trail to fight for one if necessary. Call Atlanta Wreck Help to partner with the professionals and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.